Local Connections

Connect 2035 is about community engagement. Deputy Director for Community Development Brian Jennings explains why STA considers feedback from local communities to be an investment in public transit.

10-Year Plan

Senior Transit Planner Mike Tresidder talks about the lasting impact Connect 2035 will have on the Spokane region and how public transit plays a role in community development.

Phase 1

Phase 1 lays out a strategic foundation and includes revised vision and mission statements, goals, high level strategies, and performance measures.

What is Connect 2035?

Connect 2035 articulates Spokane Transit Authority’s strategic roadmap for bus, Paratransit, and Rideshare service through 2035, with a clear vision supported by goals and strategies. It builds on the successes of our previous strategic plan, STA Moving Forward, to address emerging needs and continued investment in equity, sustainability, and community growth. Ultimately, it enables us to identify priorities for the next 10 years and beyond—all while building and strengthening relationships with and within the community.

Get Involved

STA is actively encouraging public engagement in Connect 2035, recognizing the invaluable role of community input in shaping its strategic plan. To ensure inclusivity, STA has provided multiple avenues for participation, making it easy for individuals to share their perspectives and ideas. Join the conversation today and be a part of the transformative journey toward a better connected and more vibrant future.

Insight Network

STA’s Connect Insight Network comprises a diverse and engaged group of community members who play a pivotal role in providing feedback on Connect 2035.


STA hosts open houses and meetings to gather insights, preferences, and suggestions regarding the strategic roadmap, which are then integrated into the decision-making process.

Get In Touch

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback to share about Connect 2035, STA is eager to connect with you. Engagement is not only welcomed but essential to building our strategic plan.

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